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Kay's Tips

Hidden joist hangers are used as invisable connection elements between woods. The most used version of hidden joist hangers it the EL-60.

We exclusively offer joist hangers of the brand Simpson Strong-Tie. Reason for that is: we are convinced by the quality and the manufacturer- the market leader- comes out with the most innovations for thei field.


We offer hidden joist hangers in to versions: EL or  EL-S. The difference lies in the kind of application. The EL connects the main beam with secondary beam connections. The EL-S connects secondary beam connections with supporters. The difference becomes visable through the existing angle of the EL, while the EL-S doesn't have an angle.

Advantages of the hidden joist hangers

The advantage is the except from the top view, invisable connection of the beems. You mainly use this product for optical reasons. But also the installation is faster and easier compared to common joist hangers. The hidden joist hangers are made from aluminium and for this more corrision-resistant (for example against condensation) and more durable than common joist hangers made from galvanized steel. 

Hidden joist hangers can be used for connections at bevels 15° to 165°. Standard joist hangers can be used only for connections with an 90 degree angle. 

To full-fill the requirements you have to use fully threaded screws from the manufacturer SPAX with the length 60 to 120 mm for the connection. The required screws for the application you can find in the chart below. 


If a 90 degree angle works and you are fine with visable connections, you also can alternatively with cheaper Joist Hangers.

If you value completely invisable connections, buy Hidden Joist Hanger ATF.


Manufacturer text:

EL hidden joist hangers are made from 10 mm thick aluminium-angle-profile.

With the EL hidden joist hanger you are able to connect main- and secondary beams in the most easy way, while the main supporter also be made from wood materials, steel, masonry and concrete.

Further more beveled connections and connections tilted upwards are possible. An other posibility is to fasten the horizontal side of the EL hidden joist hanger from below to the main beam or onto a wall disc, to create a support for example for ceiling units. The high level of prefabrication allows a short installation time on the construction site.

You are able to use them for connections with inclinations from -15° to 90° and bevels n from 15° to 165°.

The EL hidden joist hanger is available in 5 differernt sizes and already applicable for a 30 mm wide secondary beam.

Type.Nr. Mesure A Mesure B Mesure C

SPAX® 5,0

Amount *





EL30-B 30 55 120 3 1
EL40-B 40 55 120 6 1
EL60-B 60 55 120 9 2
EL80-B 80 55 120 12 3
EL100-B 100 55 120 15 4

* you have to use 5mm SPAX® screws with 60-120mm lenght for the secondary beam 
** Amount of the screws for the shorter side.