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KOLLIBRODD® Load Stopper

is suitable for load securing of wooden pallets and -frames or in goods transported in wooden boxes. The transpot surface has to be made from solid wood or wood materials as a requirement of the application.

You position the KOLLIBRODD® Load Stopper between transport floor and the load, while you putting it down. KOLLIBRODD® gets pushed into the loading area, due to the weight of the load. The thin, flat teeth slide between the wood fibres, and leave only small marks behind. Die dünnen, flachen Zähne schieben sich beim Absenken der Güter zwischen die Holzfasern und hinterlassen nur geringfügige Spuren.

Double funktion of the skin package

  • Safty: keeps the space while lowering the load and avoids so risks of injury 
  • Marking: essential for controlls and for finding and removal of protections