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Kay's Tips for the support post PGS

The istallation is easy, because you can connect and screw together the parts, like for example the support post and a post while lying. Also you get a stable and weight-bearing post support. You creat a bore hole with a Diameter of  24mm into the end grained wood. 

The suport post or also named post anchor, will be fastened onto an existing concrete foundation. Opposite to this, H-post anchors will be seperately incased in concrete. So if you already have an existing foundation, please use the support post PGS. If ou don't, please use H-post anchors. To ensure against lifting forces, you set a bore hole for the rod dowel and the mandrel of the PGS support posts will be driven into the centre bore of the end grained wood.

After the  rod dowel Ø 10 will be put into the prepared bore hole and the baseplate will be fastened onto the end grained wood with the Spax-screws .

You fasten the PGS support post with a bolt-anchor onto the concrete foundation.

Advantages Support post PGS 

Support posts in general are intended for connections of columns made from wood or wood materials onto concrete or other sub-surfaces.

The PGS support post are available in 4 different sizes. A fast installation is possible due to the screw connection in a turnable stored support plate.

Due to the installation on a rod dowel, lifting forces can be optimal absorbed. 

The material is galvanized and because of this perfectly protected against corrosion(rust). The PGS support post meets the requirements of the DIN 1052 and the DIN 1461 .

The PGS support post is even after installation hight-adjustable.  


  • Support posts are intended set onto a hard sub-surfaces with the help of a anchor (dowel)
  • The PGS support post is even after installation hight-adjustable
  • The PGS support posts are suitable for the connections with wooden columns made from natural wood or laminated timber with a profile from 10/10cm
  • The connection starts from the frontal side. You install a rod dowel on the side to absorb forces.

Variaties of PGS support posts 

PGS support posts are galavanized and available in 4 different sizes.

Artikel A B C D E F
PGS24/130 80 24 125 130-195 180 100
PGS24/180 80 24 125 180-245 180 100
PGS24/230 80 24 125 230-295 180 100
PGS24/280 80 24 125 280-345 180 100


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