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ABL Angle Bracket For Concrete 

are made from 6 or 8 mm steel stripes and are all around galvanised.

The ABL angle brackets for concrete can be used for the fastening of wood elements, windows, facade sections on or against concrete.

There are 2 types offered:

Type P with a bolt hole in one and a slot in the other leg.
Type S with a bolt hole in one and a slit in the other leg.  

ABL angle brackets for concrete are named with the type discribtion: H × L × D × W. At the end is the diameter stated, for example ABL Angle Bracket P 150 × 75 × 8 × 60, Ø14.

Type.No. Measure A Measure B Measure C Hole Ø Hole Amount
ABL7514G-B 75 75 50 14; 14x38 1+1
ABL10014G-B 100 75 60 14; 14x38 1+1
ABL15014G-B 150 75 60 14; 14x38 1+1
ABL15017G-B 150 75 60 17,5; 17x38 1+1
ABS10011G-B 100 50 50 11; 11x26,5 1+1
ABS10014G-B 100 50 50 14; 14x26,5 1+1